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-svn-fe - convert an SVN "dumpfile" to a fast-import stream
-mkfifo backchannel &&
-svnadmin dump --deltas REPO |
- svn-fe [url] 3<backchannel |
- git fast-import --cat-blob-fd=3 3>backchannel
-Converts a Subversion dumpfile into input suitable for
-git-fast-import(1) and similar importers. REPO is a path to a
-Subversion repository mirrored on the local disk. Remote Subversion
-repositories can be mirrored on local disk using the `svnsync`
-Note: this tool is very young. The details of its commandline
-interface may change in backward incompatible ways.
-Subversion's repository dump format is documented in full in
-`notes/dump-load-format.txt` from the Subversion source tree.
-Files in this format can be generated using the 'svnadmin dump' or
-'svk admin dump' command.
-The fast-import format is documented by the git-fast-import(1)
-manual page.
-Subversion dumps do not record a separate author and committer for
-each revision, nor do they record a separate display name and email
-address for each author. Like git-svn(1), 'svn-fe' will use the name
-user <user@UUID>
-as committer, where 'user' is the value of the `svn:author` property
-and 'UUID' the repository's identifier.
-To support incremental imports, 'svn-fe' puts a `git-svn-id` line at
-the end of each commit log message if passed a URL on the command
-line. This line has the form `git-svn-id: URL@REVNO UUID`.
-The resulting repository will generally require further processing
-to put each project in its own repository and to separate the history
-of each branch. The 'git filter-repo --subdirectory-filter' command
-may be useful for this purpose.
-Empty directories and unknown properties are silently discarded.
-The exit status does not reflect whether an error was detected.
-git-svn(1), svn2git(1), svk(1), git-filter-repo(1), git-fast-import(1),