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git-multimail is an open-source project, built by volunteers. We would
welcome your help!
-The current maintainers are Matthieu Moy
-<> and Michael Haggerty
+The current maintainers are `Matthieu Moy <>`__ and
+`Michael Haggerty <>`__.
Please note that although a copy of git-multimail is distributed in
the "contrib" section of the main Git project, development takes place
@@ -33,6 +32,29 @@ mailing list`_.
Please CC emails regarding git-multimail to the maintainers so that we
don't overlook them.
+Help needed: testers/maintainer for specific environments/OS
+The current maintainer uses and tests git-multimail on Linux with the
+Generic environment. More testers, or better contributors are needed
+to test git-multimail on other real-life setups:
+* Mac OS X, Windows: git-multimail is currently not supported on these
+ platforms. But since we have no external dependencies and try to
+ write code as portable as possible, it is possible that
+ git-multimail already runs there and if not, it is likely that it
+ could be ported easily.
+ Patches to improve support for Windows and OS X are welcome.
+ Ideally, there would be a sub-maintainer for each OS who would test
+ at least once before each release (around twice a year).
+* Gerrit, Stash, Gitolite environments: although the testsuite
+ contains tests for these environments, a tester/maintainer for each
+ environment would be welcome to test and report failure (or success)
+ on real-life environments periodically (here also, feedback before
+ each release would be highly appreciated).
.. _`git-multimail repository on GitHub`:
.. _`Git mailing list`: