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+git-multimail is an open-source project, built by volunteers. We would
+welcome your help!
+The current maintainers are Michael Haggerty <>
+and Matthieu Moy <>.
+Please note that although a copy of git-multimail is distributed in
+the "contrib" section of the main Git project, development takes place
+in a separate git-multimail repository on GitHub:
+Whenever enough changes to git-multimail have accumulated, a new
+code-drop of git-multimail will be submitted for inclusion in the Git
+We use the GitHub issue tracker to keep track of bugs and feature
+requests, and we use GitHub pull requests to exchange patches (though,
+if you prefer, you can send patches via the Git mailing list with CC
+to the maintainers). Please sign off your patches as per the `Git
+project practice
+General discussion of git-multimail can take place on the main Git
+mailing list,
+Please CC emails regarding git-multimail to the maintainers so that we
+don't overlook them.