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+Release 1.5.0
+Backward-incompatible change
+The name of classes for environment was misnamed as `*Environement`.
+It is now `*Environment`.
+New features
+* A Thread-Index header is now added to each email sent (except for
+ combined emails where it would not make sense), so that MS Outlook
+ properly groups messages by threads even though they have a
+ different subject line. Unfortunately, even adding this header the
+ threading still seems to be unreliable, but it is unclear whether
+ this is an issue on our side or on MS Outlook's side (see discussion
+ here:
+* A new variable multimailhook.ExcludeMergeRevisions was added to send
+ notification emails only for non-merge commits.
+* For gitolite environment, it is now possible to specify the mail map
+ in a separate file in addition to gitolite.conf, using the variable
+ multimailhook.MailaddressMap.
+Internal changes
+* The testsuite now uses GIT_PRINT_SHA1_ELLIPSIS where needed for
+ compatibility with recent Git versions. Only tests are affected.
+* We don't try to install pyflakes in the continuous integration job
+ for old Python versions where it's no longer available.
+* Stop using the deprecated cgi.escape in Python 3.
+* New flake8 warnings have been fixed.
+* Python 3.6 is now tested against on Travis-CI.
+* A bunch of warnings have been fixed.
+Bug fixes
+* SMTPMailer logs in only once now. It used to re-login for each email
+ sent which triggered errors for some SMTP servers.
+* migrate-mailhook-config was broken by internal refactoring, it
+ should now work again.
+This version was tested with Python 2.6 to 3.7. It was tested with Git
+, 2.15.1 and
Release 1.4.0