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+Git-jump is a script for helping you jump to "interesting" parts of your
+project in your editor. It works by outputting a set of interesting
+spots in the "quickfix" format, which editors like vim can use as a
+queue of places to visit (this feature is usually used to jump to errors
+produced by a compiler). For example, given a diff like this:
+diff --git a/foo.c b/foo.c
+index a655540..5a59044 100644
+--- a/foo.c
++++ b/foo.c
+@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
+ int main(void) {
+- printf("hello word!\n");
++ printf("hello world!\n");
+ }
+git-jump will feed this to the editor:
+foo.c:2: printf("hello word!\n");
+Obviously this trivial case isn't that interesting; you could just open
+`foo.c` yourself. But when you have many changes scattered across a
+project, you can use the editor's support to "jump" from point to point.
+Git-jump can generate three types of interesting lists:
+ 1. The beginning of any diff hunks.
+ 2. The beginning of any merge conflict markers.
+ 3. Any grep matches.
+Using git-jump
+To use it, just drop git-jump in your PATH, and then invoke it like
+# jump to changes not yet staged for commit
+git jump diff
+# jump to changes that are staged for commit; you can give
+# arbitrary diff options
+git jump diff --cached
+# jump to merge conflicts
+git jump merge
+# jump to all instances of foo_bar
+git jump grep foo_bar
+# same as above, but case-insensitive; you can give
+# arbitrary grep options
+git jump grep -i foo_bar
+Related Programs
+You can accomplish some of the same things with individual tools. For
+example, you can use `git mergetool` to start vimdiff on each unmerged
+file. `git jump merge` is for the vim-wielding luddite who just wants to
+jump straight to the conflict text with no fanfare.
+As of git v1.7.2, `git grep` knows the `--open-files-in-pager` option,
+which does something similar to `git jump grep`. However, it is limited
+to positioning the cursor to the correct line in only the first file,
+leaving you to locate subsequent hits in that file or other files using
+the editor or pager. By contrast, git-jump provides the editor with a
+complete list of files and line numbers for each match.
+This scripts was written and tested with vim. Given that the quickfix
+format is the same as what gcc produces, I expect emacs users have a
+similar feature for iterating through the list, but I know nothing about
+how to activate it.
+The shell snippets to generate the quickfix lines will almost certainly
+choke on filenames with exotic characters (like newlines).