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@@ -14,13 +14,15 @@ Instead, this script post-processes the line-oriented diff, finds pairs
of lines, and highlights the differing segments. It's currently very
simple and stupid about doing these tasks. In particular:
- 1. It will only highlight a pair of lines if they are the only two
- lines in a hunk. It could instead try to match up "before" and
- "after" lines for a given hunk into pairs of similar lines.
- However, this may end up visually distracting, as the paired
- lines would have other highlighted lines in between them. And in
- practice, the lines which most need attention called to their
- small, hard-to-see changes are touching only a single line.
+ 1. It will only highlight hunks in which the number of removed and
+ added lines is the same, and it will pair lines within the hunk by
+ position (so the first removed line is compared to the first added
+ line, and so forth). This is simple and tends to work well in
+ practice. More complex changes don't highlight well, so we tend to
+ exclude them due to the "same number of removed and added lines"
+ restriction. Or even if we do try to highlight them, they end up
+ not highlighting because of our "don't highlight if the whole line
+ would be highlighted" rule.
2. It will find the common prefix and suffix of two lines, and
consider everything in the middle to be "different". It could