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diff --git a/cache.h b/cache.h
index 558ccb9..bd6fb9f 100644
--- a/cache.h
+++ b/cache.h
@@ -189,6 +189,8 @@ struct cache_entry {
#error "CE_EXTENDED_FLAGS out of range"
+struct pathspec;
* Copy the sha1 and stat state of a cache entry from one to
* another. But we never change the name, or the hash state!
@@ -365,6 +367,9 @@ static inline enum object_type object_type(unsigned int mode)
* This environment variable is expected to contain a boolean indicating
@@ -412,6 +417,7 @@ extern void setup_work_tree(void);
extern const char *setup_git_directory_gently(int *);
extern const char *setup_git_directory(void);
extern char *prefix_path(const char *prefix, int len, const char *path);
+extern char *prefix_path_gently(const char *prefix, int len, int *remaining, const char *path);
extern const char *prefix_filename(const char *prefix, int len, const char *path);
extern int check_filename(const char *prefix, const char *name);
extern void verify_filename(const char *prefix,
@@ -449,7 +455,7 @@ extern void sanitize_stdfds(void);
/* Initialize and use the cache information */
extern int read_index(struct index_state *);
-extern int read_index_preload(struct index_state *, const char **pathspec);
+extern int read_index_preload(struct index_state *, const struct pathspec *pathspec);
extern int read_index_from(struct index_state *, const char *path);
extern int is_index_unborn(struct index_state *);
extern int read_index_unmerged(struct index_state *);
@@ -491,28 +497,8 @@ extern void *read_blob_data_from_index(struct index_state *, const char *, unsig
extern int ie_match_stat(const struct index_state *, const struct cache_entry *, struct stat *, unsigned int);
extern int ie_modified(const struct index_state *, const struct cache_entry *, struct stat *, unsigned int);
-#define PATHSPEC_ONESTAR 1 /* the pathspec pattern satisfies GFNM_ONESTAR */
-struct pathspec {
- const char **raw; /* get_pathspec() result, not freed by free_pathspec() */
- int nr;
- unsigned int has_wildcard:1;
- unsigned int recursive:1;
- int max_depth;
- struct pathspec_item {
- const char *match;
- int len;
- int nowildcard_len;
- int flags;
- } *items;
-extern int init_pathspec(struct pathspec *, const char **);
-extern void free_pathspec(struct pathspec *);
extern int ce_path_match(const struct cache_entry *ce, const struct pathspec *pathspec);
-extern int limit_pathspec_to_literal(void);
extern int index_fd(unsigned char *sha1, int fd, struct stat *st, enum object_type type, const char *path, unsigned flags);
@@ -540,7 +526,7 @@ extern void fill_stat_cache_info(struct cache_entry *ce, struct stat *st);
#define REFRESH_IGNORE_MISSING 0x0008 /* ignore non-existent */
#define REFRESH_IGNORE_SUBMODULES 0x0010 /* ignore submodules */
#define REFRESH_IN_PORCELAIN 0x0020 /* user friendly output, not "needs update" */
-extern int refresh_index(struct index_state *, unsigned int flags, const char **pathspec, char *seen, const char *header_msg);
+extern int refresh_index(struct index_state *, unsigned int flags, const struct pathspec *pathspec, char *seen, const char *header_msg);
struct lock_file {
struct lock_file *next;
@@ -762,6 +748,7 @@ const char *real_path(const char *path);
const char *real_path_if_valid(const char *path);
const char *absolute_path(const char *path);
const char *relative_path(const char *in, const char *prefix, struct strbuf *sb);
+int normalize_path_copy_len(char *dst, const char *src, int *prefix_len);
int normalize_path_copy(char *dst, const char *src);
int longest_ancestor_length(const char *path, struct string_list *prefixes);
char *strip_path_suffix(const char *path, const char *suffix);
@@ -1243,7 +1230,7 @@ void packet_trace_identity(const char *prog);
* return 0 if success, 1 - if addition of a file failed and
* ADD_FILES_IGNORE_ERRORS was specified in flags
-int add_files_to_cache(const char *prefix, const char **pathspec, int flags);
+int add_files_to_cache(const char *prefix, const struct pathspec *pathspec, int flags);
/* diff.c */
extern int diff_auto_refresh_index;
@@ -1277,7 +1264,7 @@ extern int ws_blank_line(const char *line, int len, unsigned ws_rule);
#define ws_tab_width(rule) ((rule) & WS_TAB_WIDTH_MASK)
/* ls-files */
-int report_path_error(const char *ps_matched, const char **pathspec, const char *prefix);
+int report_path_error(const char *ps_matched, const struct pathspec *pathspec, const char *prefix);
void overlay_tree_on_cache(const char *tree_name, const char *prefix);
char *alias_lookup(const char *alias);