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diff --git a/cache.h b/cache.h
index eee5fc9..d0b1f27 100644
--- a/cache.h
+++ b/cache.h
@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ static inline unsigned int create_ce_mode(unsigned int mode)
extern struct cache_entry **active_cache;
extern unsigned int active_nr, active_alloc, active_cache_changed;
extern struct cache_tree *active_cache_tree;
+extern int cache_errno;
@@ -142,6 +143,7 @@ extern void verify_non_filename(const char *prefix, const char *name);
/* Initialize and use the cache information */
extern int read_cache(void);
+extern int read_cache_from(const char *path);
extern int write_cache(int newfd, struct cache_entry **cache, int entries);
extern int verify_path(const char *path);
extern int cache_name_pos(const char *name, int namelen);
@@ -149,6 +151,7 @@ extern int cache_name_pos(const char *name, int namelen);
#define ADD_CACHE_OK_TO_REPLACE 2 /* Ok to replace file/directory */
#define ADD_CACHE_SKIP_DFCHECK 4 /* Ok to skip DF conflict checks */
extern int add_cache_entry(struct cache_entry *ce, int option);
+extern struct cache_entry *refresh_cache_entry(struct cache_entry *ce, int really);
extern int remove_cache_entry_at(int pos);
extern int remove_file_from_cache(const char *path);
extern int ce_same_name(struct cache_entry *a, struct cache_entry *b);