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diff --git a/builtin/apply.c b/builtin/apply.c
index 5b882d0..30eefc3 100644
--- a/builtin/apply.c
+++ b/builtin/apply.c
@@ -1921,7 +1921,7 @@ static int parse_binary(char *buffer, unsigned long size, struct patch *patch)
- * Read the patch text in "buffer" taht extends for "size" bytes; stop
+ * Read the patch text in "buffer" that extends for "size" bytes; stop
* reading after seeing a single patch (i.e. changes to a single file).
* Create fragments (i.e. patch hunks) and hang them to the given patch.
* Return the number of bytes consumed, so that the caller can call us
@@ -3029,7 +3029,7 @@ static struct patch *in_fn_table(const char *name)
* The latter is needed to deal with a case where two paths A and B
* are swapped by first renaming A to B and then renaming B to A;
- * moving A to B should not be prevented due to presense of B as we
+ * moving A to B should not be prevented due to presence of B as we
* will remove it in a later patch.
#define PATH_TO_BE_DELETED ((struct patch *) -2)
@@ -3513,7 +3513,7 @@ static int check_patch(struct patch *patch)
* A patch to swap-rename between A and B would first rename A
* to B and then rename B to A. While applying the first one,
- * the presense of B should not stop A from getting renamed to
+ * the presence of B should not stop A from getting renamed to
* B; ask to_be_deleted() about the later rename. Removal of
* B and rename from A to B is handled the same way by asking
* was_deleted().
diff --git a/builtin/fast-export.c b/builtin/fast-export.c
index f44b76c..725c0a7 100644
--- a/builtin/fast-export.c
+++ b/builtin/fast-export.c
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ static int parse_opt_signed_tag_mode(const struct option *opt,
else if (!strcmp(arg, "strip"))
signed_tag_mode = STRIP;
- return error("Unknown signed-tag mode: %s", arg);
+ return error("Unknown signed-tags mode: %s", arg);
return 0;
@@ -420,7 +420,7 @@ static void handle_tag(const char *name, struct tag *tag)
switch(signed_tag_mode) {
case ABORT:
die ("Encountered signed tag %s; use "
- "--signed-tag=<mode> to handle it.",
+ "--signed-tags=<mode> to handle it.",
case WARN:
warning ("Exporting signed tag %s",