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diff --git a/bisect.h b/bisect.h
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--- a/bisect.h
+++ b/bisect.h
@@ -1,9 +1,15 @@
#ifndef BISECT_H
#define BISECT_H
-extern struct commit_list *find_bisection(struct commit_list *list,
- int *reaches, int *all,
- int find_all);
+ * Find bisection. If something is found, `reaches` will be the number of
+ * commits that the best commit reaches. `all` will be the count of
+ * non-SAMETREE commits. If nothing is found, `list` will be NULL.
+ * Otherwise, it will be either all non-SAMETREE commits or the single
+ * best commit, as chosen by `find_all`.
+ */
+extern void find_bisection(struct commit_list **list, int *reaches, int *all,
+ int find_all);
extern struct commit_list *filter_skipped(struct commit_list *list,
struct commit_list **tried,