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@@ -106,6 +106,18 @@ Issues of note:
history graphically, and in git-gui. If you don't want gitk or
git-gui, you can use NO_TCLTK.
+ - A gettext library is used by default for localizing Git. The
+ primary target is GNU libintl, but the Solaris gettext
+ implementation also works.
+ We need a gettext.h on the system for C code, (or
+ Solaris gettext(1)) for shell scripts, and libintl-perl for Perl
+ programs.
+ Set NO_GETTEXT to disable localization support and make Git only
+ use English. Under autoconf the configure script will do this
+ automatically if it can't find libintl on the system.
- Some platform specific issues are dealt with Makefile rules,
but depending on your specific installation, you may not
have all the libraries/tools needed, or you may have