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@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ The lines after the separator describe the options.
Each line of options has this format:
-<opt_spec><arg_spec>? SP+ help LF
+<opt_spec><flags>* SP+ help LF
@@ -334,10 +334,17 @@ Each line of options has this format:
is necessary. `h,help`, `dry-run` and `f` are all three correct
- an `<arg_spec>` tells the option parser if the option has an argument
- (`=`), an optional one (`?` though its use is discouraged) or none
- (no `<arg_spec>` in that case).
+ `<flags>` are of `*`, `=`, `?` or `!`.
+ * Use `=` if the option takes an argument.
+ * Use `?` to mean that the option is optional (though its use is discouraged).
+ * Use `*` to mean that this option should not be listed in the usage
+ generated for the `-h` argument. It's shown for `--help-all` as
+ documented in linkgit:gitcli[5].
+ * Use `!` to not make the corresponding negated long option available.
The remainder of the line, after stripping the spaces, is used
as the help associated to the option.