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@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ they made it.
Here `<name>` is the person's display name (for example
``Com M Itter'') and `<email>` is the person's email address
-(``''). `LT` and `GT` are the literal less-than (\x3c)
+(``\''). `LT` and `GT` are the literal less-than (\x3c)
and greater-than (\x3e) symbols. These are required to delimit
the email address from the other fields in the line. Note that
`<name>` and `<email>` are free-form and may contain any sequence
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@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ This option is only applicable when listing tags without annotation lines.
By default, 'git tag' in sign-with-default mode (-s) will use your
-committer identity (of the form "Your Name <your@email.address>") to
+committer identity (of the form "Your Name <\your@email.address>") to
find a key. If you want to use a different default key, you can specify
it in the repository configuration as follows:
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@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Jane Doe <jane@desktop.(none)>
Joe R. Developer <>
-Note how there is no need for an entry for <jane@laptop.(none)>, because the
+Note how there is no need for an entry for `<jane@laptop.(none)>`, because the
real name of that author is already correct.
Example 2: Your repository contains commits from the following