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the background which do not want to cause lock contention with
other operations on the repository. Defaults to `1`.
+ Windows-only: allow redirecting the standard input/output/error
+ handles to paths specified by the environment variables. This is
+ particularly useful in multi-threaded applications where the
+ canonical way to pass standard handles via `CreateProcess()` is
+ not an option because it would require the handles to be marked
+ inheritable (and consequently *every* spawned process would
+ inherit them, possibly blocking regular Git operations). The
+ primary intended use case is to use named pipes for communication
+ (e.g. `\\.\pipe\my-git-stdin-123`).
+Two special values are supported: `off` will simply close the
+corresponding standard handle, and if `GIT_REDIRECT_STDERR` is
+`2>&1`, standard error will be redirected to the same handle as
+standard output.