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@@ -187,6 +187,21 @@ will want to ensure that threading is disabled for `git send-email`.
The negated form `--no-cc` discards all `Cc:` headers added so
far (from config or command line).
+ Use `ident` in the `From:` header of each commit email. If the
+ author ident of the commit is not textually identical to the
+ provided `ident`, place a `From:` header in the body of the
+ message with the original author. If no `ident` is given, use
+ the committer ident.
+Note that this option is only useful if you are actually sending the
+emails and want to identify yourself as the sender, but retain the
+original author (and `git am` will correctly pick up the in-body
+header). Note also that `git send-email` already handles this
+transformation for you, and this option should not be used if you are
+feeding the result to `git send-email`.
Add an arbitrary header to the email headers. This is in addition
to any configured headers, and may be used multiple times.