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Similar to `git_config_get_string`, but expands `~` or `~user` into
the user's home directory when found at the beginning of the path.
+`git_die_config(const char *key, const char *err, ...)`::
+ First prints the error message specified by the caller in `err` and then
+ dies printing the line number and the file name of the highest priority
+ value for the configuration variable `key`.
+`void git_die_config_linenr(const char *key, const char *filename, int linenr)`::
+ Helper function which formats the die error message according to the
+ parameters entered. Used by `git_die_config()`. It can be used by callers
+ handling `git_config_get_value_multi()` to print the correct error message
+ for the desired value.
See test-config.c for usage examples.
Value Parsing Helpers