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@@ -120,3 +120,10 @@ push.useForceIfIncludes::
`--force-if-includes` as an option to linkgit:git-push[1]
in the command line. Adding `--no-force-if-includes` at the
time of push overrides this configuration setting.
+ If set to "true", attempt to reduce the size of the packfile
+ sent by rounds of negotiation in which the client and the
+ server attempt to find commits in common. If "false", Git will
+ rely solely on the server's ref advertisement to find commits
+ in common.
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@@ -346,6 +346,14 @@ explained below.
client should download from all given URIs. Currently, the
protocols supported are "http" and "https".
+If the 'wait-for-done' feature is advertised, the following argument
+can be included in the client's request.
+ wait-for-done
+ Indicates to the server that it should never send "ready", but
+ should wait for the client to say "done" before sending the
+ packfile.
The response of `fetch` is broken into a number of sections separated by
delimiter packets (0001), with each section beginning with its section
header. Most sections are sent only when the packfile is sent.