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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ git-fetch-pack - Receive missing objects from another repository
-'git-fetch-pack' [--all] [--quiet|-q] [--keep|-k] [--thin] [--upload-pack=<git-upload-pack>] [--depth=<n>] [--no-progress] [-v] [<host>:]<directory> [<refs>...]
+'git-fetch-pack' [--all] [--quiet|-q] [--keep|-k] [--thin] [--include-tag] [--upload-pack=<git-upload-pack>] [--depth=<n>] [--no-progress] [-v] [<host>:]<directory> [<refs>...]
@@ -45,6 +45,12 @@ OPTIONS
Spend extra cycles to minimize the number of objects to be sent.
Use it on slower connection.
+ If the remote side supports it, annotated tags objects will
+ be downloaded on the same connection as the other objects if
+ the object the tag references is downloaded. The caller must
+ otherwise determine the tags this option made available.
Use this to specify the path to 'git-upload-pack' on the
remote side, if is not found on your $PATH.
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@@ -73,6 +73,11 @@ base-name::
as if all refs under `$GIT_DIR/refs` are specified to be
+ Include unasked-for annotated tags if the object they
+ reference was included in the resulting packfile. This
+ can be useful to send new tags to native git clients.
--window=[N], --depth=[N]::
These two options affect how the objects contained in
the pack are stored using delta compression. The