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@@ -20,8 +20,6 @@ The UI for the protocol is on the 'git-fetch-pack' side, and the
program pair is meant to be used to pull updates from a remote
repository. For push operations, see 'git-send-pack'.
-After finishing the operation successfully, `post-upload-pack`
-hook is called (see linkgit:githooks[5]).
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@@ -310,35 +310,6 @@ Both standard output and standard error output are forwarded to
'git-send-pack' on the other end, so you can simply `echo` messages
for the user.
-After upload-pack successfully finishes its operation, this hook is called
-for logging purposes.
-The hook is passed various pieces of information, one per line, from its
-standard input. Currently the following items can be fed to the hook, but
-more types of information may be added in the future:
-want SHA-1::
- 40-byte hexadecimal object name the client asked to include in the
- resulting pack. Can occur one or more times in the input.
-have SHA-1::
- 40-byte hexadecimal object name the client asked to exclude from
- the resulting pack, claiming to have them already. Can occur zero
- or more times in the input.
-time float::
- Number of seconds spent for creating the packfile.
-size decimal::
- Size of the resulting packfile in bytes.
-kind string:
- Either "clone" (when the client did not give us any "have", and asked
- for all our refs with "want"), or "fetch" (otherwise).