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@@ -164,6 +164,31 @@ $ git p4 submit --shelve
$ git p4 submit --update-shelve 1234 --update-shelve 2345
+Unshelving will take a shelved P4 changelist, and produce the equivalent git commit
+in the branch refs/remotes/p4/unshelved/<changelist>.
+The git commit is created relative to the current origin revision (HEAD by default).
+If the shelved changelist's parent revisions differ, git-p4 will refuse to unshelve;
+you need to be unshelving onto an equivalent tree.
+The origin revision can be changed with the "--origin" option.
+If the target branch in refs/remotes/p4/unshelved already exists, the old one will
+be renamed.
+$ git p4 sync
+$ git p4 unshelve 12345
+$ git show refs/remotes/p4/unshelved/12345
+<submit more changes via p4 to the same files>
+$ git p4 unshelve 12345
+<refuses to unshelve until git is in sync with p4 again>
@@ -337,6 +362,13 @@ These options can be used to modify 'git p4 rebase' behavior.
Import p4 labels.
+Unshelve options
+ Sets the git refspec against which the shelved P4 changelist is compared.
+ Defaults to p4/master.
The p4 depot path argument to 'git p4 sync' and 'git p4 clone' can