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+git-replace - Create, list, delete refs to replace objects
+'git replace' [-f] <object> <replacement>
+'git replace' -d <object>...
+'git replace' -l [<pattern>]
+Adds a 'replace' reference in `.git/refs/replace/`
+The name of the 'replace' reference is the SHA1 of the object that is
+replaced. The content of the replace reference is the SHA1 of the
+replacement object.
+Unless `-f` is given, the replace reference must not yet exist in
+`.git/refs/replace/` directory.
+ If an existing replace ref for the same object exists, it will
+ be overwritten (instead of failing).
+ Delete existing replace refs for the given objects.
+-l <pattern>::
+ List replace refs for objects that match the given pattern (or
+ all if no pattern is given).
+ Typing "git replace" without arguments, also lists all replace
+ refs.
+Comparing blobs or trees that have been replaced with those that
+replace them will not work properly. And using 'git reset --hard' to
+go back to a replaced commit will move the branch to the replacement
+commit instead of the replaced commit.
+There may be other problems when using 'git rev-list' related to
+pending objects. And of course things may break if an object of one
+type is replaced by an object of another type (for example a blob
+replaced by a commit).
+Written by Christian Couder <> and Junio C
+Hamano <>, based on 'git tag' by Kristian Hogsberg
+<> and Carlos Rica <>.
+Documentation by Christian Couder <> and the
+git-list <>, based on 'git tag' documentation.
+Part of the linkgit:git[1] suite