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@@ -49,9 +49,6 @@ remotes/git-svn and work on that branch. Use the 'dcommit'
command (see below) to write git commits back to
-See '<<fetch-args,Additional Fetch Arguments>>' if you are interested in
-manually joining branches on commit.
Commit each diff from a specified head directly to the SVN
repository, and then rebase or reset (depending on whether or
@@ -443,27 +440,6 @@ be remotes/$GIT_SVN_ID, instead of remotes/git-svn. Any
remotes/$GIT_SVN_ID branch should never be modified by the user outside
of git-svn commands.
-This is for advanced users, most users should ignore this section.
-Unfetched SVN revisions may be imported as children of existing commits
-by specifying additional arguments to 'fetch'. Additional parents may
-optionally be specified in the form of sha1 hex sums at the
-command-line. Unfetched SVN revisions may also be tied to particular
-git commits with the following syntax:
- svn_revision_number=git_commit_sha1
-This allows you to tie unfetched SVN revision 375 to your current HEAD:
- git-svn fetch 375=$(git-rev-parse HEAD)
If you're tracking a directory that has moved, or otherwise been
branched or tagged off of another directory in the repository and you
care about the full history of the project, then you can use