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course, you will pay the price of more disk usage to hold
multiple working trees, but disk space is cheap these days. ]
+It is likely that you will be pulling from the same remote
+repository from time to time. As a short hand, you can store
+the remote repository URL in a file under .git/branches/
+directory, like this:
+ mkdir -p .git/branches
+ echo rsync:// \
+ >.git/branches/linus
+and use the filenae to "git pull" instead of the full URL.
+The contents of a file under .git/branches can even be a prefix
+of a full URL, like this:
+ echo rsync://
+ >.git/branches/jgarzik
+ (1) git pull linus
+ (2) git pull linus tag v0.99.1
+ (3) git pull jgarzik/netdev-2.6.git/ e100
+the above are equivalent to:
+ (1) git pull rsync:// HEAD
+ (2) git pull rsync:// tag v0.99.1
+ (3) git pull rsync:// e100
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