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@@ -113,9 +113,22 @@ GIT index format
are encoded in 7-bit ASCII and the encoding cannot contain a NUL
byte (iow, this is a UNIX pathname).
+ (Version 4) In version 4, the entry path name is prefix-compressed
+ relative to the path name for the previous entry (the very first
+ entry is encoded as if the path name for the previous entry is an
+ empty string). At the beginning of an entry, an integer N in the
+ variable width encoding (the same encoding as the offset is encoded
+ for OFS_DELTA pack entries; see pack-format.txt) is stored, followed
+ by a NUL-terminated string S. Removing N bytes from the end of the
+ path name for the previous entry, and replacing it with the string S
+ yields the path name for this entry.
1-8 nul bytes as necessary to pad the entry to a multiple of eight bytes
while keeping the name NUL-terminated.
+ (Version 4) In version 4, the padding after the pathname does not
+ exist.
== Extensions
=== Cached tree