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-Git Repository Format Versions
+== Git Repository Format Versions
Every git repository is marked with a numeric version in the
`core.repositoryformatversion` key of its `config` file. This version
@@ -40,16 +39,14 @@ format by default.
The currently defined format versions are:
-Version `0`
+=== Version `0`
This is the format defined by the initial version of git, including but
not limited to the format of the repository directory, the repository
configuration file, and the object and ref storage. Specifying the
complete behavior of git is beyond the scope of this document.
-Version `1`
+=== Version `1`
This format is identical to version `0`, with the following exceptions:
@@ -74,21 +71,18 @@ it here, in order to claim the name.
The defined extensions are:
+==== `noop`
This extension does not change git's behavior at all. It is useful only
for testing format-1 compatibility.
+==== `preciousObjects`
When the config key `extensions.preciousObjects` is set to `true`,
objects in the repository MUST NOT be deleted (e.g., by `git-prune` or
`git repack -d`).
+==== `partialclone`
When the config key `extensions.partialclone` is set, it indicates
that the repo was created with a partial clone (or later performed
@@ -98,3 +92,11 @@ and it promises that all such omitted objects can be fetched from it
in the future.
The value of this key is the name of the promisor remote.
+==== `worktreeConfig`
+If set, by default "git config" reads from both "config" and
+"config.worktree" file from GIT_DIR in that order. In
+multiple working directory mode, "config" file is shared while
+"config.worktree" is per-working directory (i.e., it's in