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Git Protocol Capabilities
+NOTE: this document describes capabilities for versions 0 and 1 of the pack
+protocol. For version 2, please refer to the link:protocol-v2.html[protocol-v2]
Servers SHOULD support all capabilities defined in this document.
On the very first line of the initial server response of either
@@ -172,6 +176,20 @@ agent strings are purely informative for statistics and debugging
purposes, and MUST NOT be used to programmatically assume the presence
or absence of particular features.
+This parameterized capability is used to inform the receiver which symbolic ref
+points to which ref; for example, "symref=HEAD:refs/heads/master" tells the
+receiver that HEAD points to master. This capability can be repeated to
+represent multiple symrefs.
+Servers SHOULD include this capability for the HEAD symref if it is one of the
+refs being sent.
+Clients MAY use the parameters from this capability to select the proper initial
+branch when cloning a repository.