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@@ -454,7 +454,8 @@ The reference discovery phase is done nearly the same way as it is in the
fetching protocol. Each reference obj-id and name on the server is sent
in packet-line format to the client, followed by a flush-pkt. The only
real difference is that the capability listing is different - the only
-possible values are 'report-status', 'delete-refs' and 'ofs-delta'.
+possible values are 'report-status', 'delete-refs', 'ofs-delta' and
Reference Update Request and Packfile Transfer
@@ -465,9 +466,10 @@ that it wants to update, it sends a line listing the obj-id currently on
the server, the obj-id the client would like to update it to and the name
of the reference.
-This list is followed by a flush-pkt and then the packfile that should
-contain all the objects that the server will need to complete the new
+This list is followed by a flush-pkt. Then the push options are transmitted
+one per packet followed by another flush-pkt. After that the packfile that
+should contain all the objects that the server will need to complete the new
+references will be sent.
update-request = *shallow ( command-list | push-cert ) [packfile]