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@@ -503,8 +503,8 @@ The reference discovery phase is done nearly the same way as it is in the
fetching protocol. Each reference obj-id and name on the server is sent
in packet-line format to the client, followed by a flush-pkt. The only
real difference is that the capability listing is different - the only
-possible values are 'report-status', 'delete-refs', 'ofs-delta' and
+possible values are 'report-status', 'report-status-v2', 'delete-refs',
+'ofs-delta', 'atomic' and 'push-options'.
Reference Update Request and Packfile Transfer
@@ -625,7 +625,7 @@ Report Status
After receiving the pack data from the sender, the receiver sends a
-report if 'report-status' capability is in effect.
+report if 'report-status' or 'report-status-v2' capability is in effect.
It is a short listing of what happened in that update. It will first
list the status of the packfile unpacking as either 'unpack ok' or
'unpack [error]'. Then it will list the status for each of the references
@@ -647,6 +647,41 @@ update was successful, or 'ng [refname] [error]' if the update was not.
error-msg = 1*(OCTET) ; where not "ok"
+The 'report-status-v2' capability extends the protocol by adding new option
+lines in order to support reporting of reference rewritten by the
+'proc-receive' hook. The 'proc-receive' hook may handle a command for a
+pseudo-reference which may create or update one or more references, and each
+reference may have different name, different new-oid, and different old-oid.
+ report-status-v2 = unpack-status
+ 1*(command-status-v2)
+ flush-pkt
+ unpack-status = PKT-LINE("unpack" SP unpack-result)
+ unpack-result = "ok" / error-msg
+ command-status-v2 = command-ok-v2 / command-fail
+ command-ok-v2 = command-ok
+ *option-line
+ command-ok = PKT-LINE("ok" SP refname)
+ command-fail = PKT-LINE("ng" SP refname SP error-msg)
+ error-msg = 1*(OCTET) ; where not "ok"
+ option-line = *1(option-refname)
+ *1(option-old-oid)
+ *1(option-new-oid)
+ *1(option-forced-update)
+ option-refname = PKT-LINE("option" SP "refname" SP refname)
+ option-old-oid = PKT-LINE("option" SP "old-oid" SP obj-id)
+ option-new-oid = PKT-LINE("option" SP "new-oid" SP obj-id)
+ option-force = PKT-LINE("option" SP "forced-update")
Updates can be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. The reference can have
changed since the reference discovery phase was originally sent, meaning
someone pushed in the meantime. The reference being pushed could be a