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$ cat ~/log.event
@@ -142,10 +142,9 @@ system or global config value to one of the following:
-If the target already exists and is a directory, the traces will be
-written to files (one per process) underneath the given directory. They
-will be named according to the last component of the SID (optionally
-followed by a counter to avoid filename collisions).
+When trace files are written to a target directory, they will be named according
+to the last component of the SID (optionally followed by a counter to avoid
+filename collisions).
== Trace2 API
@@ -605,17 +604,35 @@ only present on the "start" and "atexit" events.
==== Event-Specific Key/Value Pairs
- This event gives the version of the executable and the EVENT format.
+ This event gives the version of the executable and the EVENT format. It
+ should always be the first event in a trace session. The EVENT format
+ version will be incremented if new event types are added, if existing
+ fields are removed, or if there are significant changes in
+ interpretation of existing events or fields. Smaller changes, such as
+ adding a new field to an existing event, will not require an increment
+ to the EVENT format version.
- "evt":"1", # EVENT format version
+ "evt":"2", # EVENT format version
"exe":"" # git version
+ This event is written to the git-trace2-discard sentinel file if there
+ are too many files in the target trace directory (see the
+ trace2.maxFiles config option).
+ "event":"discard",
+ ...
This event contains the complete argv received by main().