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These are concerned with the lifetime of the overall git process.
+`void trace2_initialize_clock()`::
+ Initialize the Trace2 start clock and nothing else. This should
+ be called at the very top of main() to capture the process start
+ time and reduce startup order dependencies.
`void trace2_initialize()`::
Determines if any Trace2 Targets should be enabled and
- initializes the Trace2 facility. This includes starting the
- elapsed time clocks and thread local storage (TLS).
+ initializes the Trace2 facility. This includes setting up the
+ Trace2 thread local storage (TLS).
This function emits a "version" message containing the version of git
and the Trace2 protocol.
This function should be called from `main()` as early as possible in
-the life of the process.
+the life of the process after essential process initialization.
`int trace2_is_enabled()`::