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@@ -156,6 +156,11 @@ then they will free() it.
Remove the bytes between `pos..pos+len` and replace it with the given
+ Add a NUL-terminated string to the buffer. Each line will be prepended
+ by a comment character and a blank.
Add data of given length to the buffer.
@@ -225,10 +230,20 @@ which can be used by the programmer of the callback as she sees fit.
destination. This is useful for literal data to be fed to either
strbuf_expand or to the *printf family of functions.
+ Append the given byte size as a human-readable string (i.e. 12.23 KiB,
+ 3.50 MiB).
Add a formatted string to the buffer.
+ Add a formatted string prepended by a comment character and a
+ blank to the buffer.
Read a given size of data from a FILE* pointer to the buffer.
@@ -279,6 +294,22 @@ same behaviour as well.
Strip whitespace from a buffer. The second parameter controls if
comments are considered contents to be removed or not.
+ Split a string or strbuf into a list of strbufs at a specified
+ terminator character. The returned substrings include the
+ terminator characters. Some of these functions take a `max`
+ parameter, which, if positive, limits the output to that
+ number of substrings.
+ Free a list of strbufs (for example, the return values of the
+ `strbuf_split()` functions).
Launch the user preferred editor to edit a file and fill the buffer