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A revision parameter '<rev>' typically, but not necessarily, names a
-commit object. It uses what is called an 'extended SHA1'
+commit object. It uses what is called an 'extended SHA-1'
syntax. Here are various ways to spell object names. The
ones listed near the end of this list name trees and
blobs contained in a commit.
'<sha1>', e.g. 'dae86e1950b1277e545cee180551750029cfe735', 'dae86e'::
- The full SHA1 object name (40-byte hexadecimal string), or
+ The full SHA-1 object name (40-byte hexadecimal string), or
a leading substring that is unique within the repository.
E.g. dae86e1950b1277e545cee180551750029cfe735 and dae86e both
name the same commit object if there is no other object in