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@@ -13,8 +13,6 @@ has a line that matches `<pattern>`), unless otherwise noted.
Note that these are applied before commit
ordering and formatting options, such as `--reverse`.
-n <number>::
@@ -308,8 +306,6 @@ ifdef::git-rev-list[]
`<header>` text will be printed with each progress update.
History Simplification
@@ -731,6 +727,11 @@ the requested refs.
The form '--filter=sparse:path=<path>' similarly uses a sparse-checkout
specification contained in <path>.
+The form '--filter=tree:<depth>' omits all blobs and trees whose depth
+from the root tree is >= <depth> (minimum depth if an object is located
+at multiple depths in the commits traversed). Currently, only <depth>=0
+is supported, which omits all blobs and trees.
Turn off any previous `--filter=` argument.