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History Simplification
-When optional paths are given, 'git rev-list' simplifies commits with
-various strategies, according to the options you have selected.
+Sometimes you are only interested in parts of the history, for example the
+commits modifying a particular <path>. But there are two parts of
+'History Simplification', one part is selecting the commits and the other
+is how to do it, as there are various strategies to simplify the history.
+The following options select the commits to be shown:
+ Commits modifying the given <paths> are selected.
+ Commits that are referred by some branch or tag are selected.
+Note that extra commits can be shown to give a meaningful history.
+The following options affect the way the simplification is performed:
+Default mode::
+ Simplifies the history to the simplest history explaining the
+ final state of the tree. Simplest because it prunes some side
+ branches if the end result is the same (i.e. merging branches
+ with the same content)
+ As the default mode but does not prune some history.
+ Only the selected commits are shown, plus some to have a
+ meaningful history.
+ All commits in the simplified history are shown.
+ Additional option to '--full-history' to remove some needless
+ merges from the resulting history, as there are no selected
+ commits contributing to this merge.
+A more detailed explanation follows.
Suppose you specified `foo` as the <paths>. We shall call commits
that modify `foo` !TREESAME, and the rest TREESAME. (In a diff
@@ -456,6 +500,14 @@ Note the major differences in `N` and `P` over '\--full-history':
removed completely, because it had one parent and is TREESAME.
+The '\--simplify-by-decoration' option allows you to view only the
+big picture of the topology of the history, by omitting commits
+that are not referenced by tags. Commits are marked as !TREESAME
+(in other words, kept after history simplification rules described
+above) if (1) they are referenced by tags, or (2) they change the
+contents of the paths given on the command line. All other
+commits are marked as TREESAME (subject to be simplified away).
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