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to /dev/null as the output does not have to be formatted.
+ Like `--cherry-pick` (see below) but mark equivalent commits
+ with `=` rather than omitting them, and inequivalent ones with `+`.
Omit any commit that introduces the same change as
@@ -165,6 +170,27 @@ from the other branch (for example, "3rd on b" may be cherry-picked
from branch A). With this option, such pairs of commits are
excluded from the output.
+ List only commits on the respective side of a symmetric range,
+ i.e. only those which would be marked `<` resp. `>` by
+ `--left-right`.
+For example, `--cherry-pick --right-only A...B` omits those
+commits from `B` which are in `A` or are patch-equivalent to a commit in
+`A`. In other words, this lists the `{plus}` commits from `git cherry A B`.
+More precisely, `--cherry-pick --right-only --no-merges` gives the exact
+ A synonym for `--right-only --cherry-mark --no-merges`; useful to
+ limit the output to the commits on our side and mark those that
+ have been applied to the other side of a forked history with
+ `git log --cherry upstream...mybranch`, similar to
+ `git cherry upstream mybranch`.