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This hook is invoked by `git-receive-pack` on the remote repository,
which is happens when a `git push` is done on a local repository.
Just before updating the ref on the remote repository, the update hook
-is invoked. It's exit status determins the success or failure of
+is invoked. It's exit status determines the success or failure of
the ref update.
The hook executes once for each ref to be updated, and takes
@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ so it is a poor place to do log
The default post-update hook, when enabled, runs
`git-update-server-info` to keep the information used by dumb
-transports (eg, http) up-to-date. If you are publishing
+transports (e.g., http) up-to-date. If you are publishing
a git repository that is accessible via http, you should
probably enable this hook.