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<<def_pack,pack>>, to assist in efficiently accessing the contents of a
+ Pattern used to specify paths.
+Pathspecs are used on the command line of "git ls-files", "git
+ls-tree", "git grep", "git checkout", and many other commands to
+limit the scope of operations to some subset of the tree or
+worktree. See the documentation of each command for whether
+paths are relative to the current directory or toplevel. The
+pathspec syntax is as follows:
+* any path matches itself
+* the pathspec up to the last slash represents a
+ directory prefix. The scope of that pathspec is
+ limited to that subtree.
+* the rest of the pathspec is a pattern for the remainder
+ of the pathname. Paths relative to the directory
+ prefix will be matched against that pattern using fnmatch(3);
+ in particular, '*' and '?' _can_ match directory separators.
+For example, Documentation/*.jpg will match all .jpg files
+in the Documentation subtree,
+including Documentation/chapter_1/figure_1.jpg.
A <<def_commit_object,commit object>> contains a (possibly empty) list
of the logical predecessor(s) in the line of development, i.e. its