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@@ -336,8 +336,26 @@ $home_link_str::
used as the first component of gitweb's "breadcrumb trail":
`<home link> / <project> / <action>`. Can be set at build time using
the `GITWEB_HOME_LINK_STR` variable. By default it is set to "projects",
- as this link leads to the list of projects. Other popular choice it to
- set it to the name of site.
+ as this link leads to the list of projects. Another popular choice is to
+ set it to the name of site. Note that it is treated as raw HTML so it
+ should not be set from untrusted sources.
+ Additional links to be added to the start of the breadcrumb trail before
+ the home link, to pages that are logically "above" the gitweb projects
+ list, such as the organization and department which host the gitweb
+ server. Each element of the list is a reference to an array, in which
+ element 0 is the link text (equivalent to `$home_link_str`) and element
+ 1 is the target URL (equivalent to `$home_link`).
+For example, the following setting produces a breadcrumb trail like
+"home / dev / projects / ..." where "projects" is the home link.
+ our @extra_breadcrumbs = (
+ [ 'home' => '' ],
+ [ 'dev' => '' ],
+ );