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@@ -99,6 +99,10 @@ All the `git commit` hooks are invoked with the environment
variable `GIT_EDITOR=:` if the command will not bring up an editor
to modify the commit message.
+The default 'pre-commit' hook, when enabled--and with the
+`hooks.allownonascii` config option unset or set to false--prevents
+the use of non-ASCII filenames.
@@ -492,6 +496,24 @@ This hook is invoked by `git-p4 submit`. It takes no parameters and nothing
from standard input. Exiting with non-zero status from this script prevent
`git-p4 submit` from launching. Run `git-p4 submit --help` for details.
+This hook is invoked when the index is written in read-cache.c
+The first parameter passed to the hook is the indicator for the
+working directory being updated. "1" meaning working directory
+was updated or "0" when the working directory was not updated.
+The second parameter passed to the hook is the indicator for whether
+or not the index was updated and the skip-worktree bit could have
+changed. "1" meaning skip-worktree bits could have been updated
+and "0" meaning they were not.
+Only one parameter should be set to "1" when the hook runs. The hook
+running passing "1", "1" should not be possible.
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