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@@ -140,9 +140,11 @@ the outcome of 'git commit'.
-This hook is called by 'git rebase' and can be used to prevent a branch
-from getting rebased.
+This hook is called by 'git rebase' and can be used to prevent a
+branch from getting rebased. The hook may be called with one or
+two parameters. The first parameter is the upstream from which
+the series was forked. The second parameter is the branch being
+rebased, and is not set when rebasing the current branch.
@@ -336,7 +338,7 @@ preceding SP is also omitted. Currently, no commands pass any
The hook always runs after the automatic note copying (see
-"notes.rewrite.<command>" in linkgit:git-config.txt) has happened, and
+"notes.rewrite.<command>" in linkgit:git-config.txt[1]) has happened, and
thus has access to these notes.
The following command-specific comments apply: