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@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ into another list. There are currently 5 such transformations:
- diffcore-merge-broken
- diffcore-pickaxe
- diffcore-order
+- diffcore-rotate
These are applied in sequence. The set of filepairs 'git diff-{asterisk}'
commands find are used as the input to diffcore-break, and
@@ -276,6 +277,26 @@ Documentation
+diffcore-rotate: For Changing At Which Path Output Starts
+This transformation takes one pathname, and rotates the set of
+filepairs so that the filepair for the given pathname comes first,
+optionally discarding the paths that come before it. This is used
+to implement the `--skip-to` and the `--rotate-to` options. It is
+an error when the specified pathname is not in the set of filepairs,
+but it is not useful to error out when used with "git log" family of
+commands, because it is unreasonable to expect that a given path
+would be modified by each and every commit shown by the "git log"
+command. For this reason, when used with "git log", the filepair
+that sorts the same as, or the first one that sorts after, the given
+pathname is where the output starts.
+Use of this transformation combined with diffcore-order will produce
+unexpected results, as the input to this transformation is likely
+not sorted when diffcore-order is in effect.