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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ A `gitattributes` file is a simple text file that gives
Each line in `gitattributes` file is of form:
- pattern attr1 attr2 ...
+ pattern attr1 attr2 ...
That is, a pattern followed by an attributes list,
separated by whitespaces. Leading and trailing whitespaces are
@@ -314,8 +314,8 @@ stored as UTF-8 internally. A client without `working-tree-encoding`
support will checkout `foo.ps1` as UTF-8 encoded file. This will
typically cause trouble for the users of this file.
-If a Git client, that does not support the `working-tree-encoding`
-attribute, adds a new file `bar.ps1`, then `bar.ps1` will be
+If a Git client that does not support the `working-tree-encoding`
+attribute adds a new file `bar.ps1`, then `bar.ps1` will be
stored "as-is" internally (in this example probably as UTF-16).
A client with `working-tree-encoding` support will interpret the
internal contents as UTF-8 and try to convert it to UTF-16 on checkout.
@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@ automatic line ending conversion based on your platform.
Use the following attributes if your '*.ps1' files are UTF-16 little
endian encoded without BOM and you want Git to use Windows line endings
-in the working directory (use `UTF-16-LE-BOM` instead of `UTF-16LE` if
+in the working directory (use `UTF-16LE-BOM` instead of `UTF-16LE` if
you want UTF-16 little endian with BOM).
Please note, it is highly recommended to
explicitly define the line endings with `eol` if the `working-tree-encoding`