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@@ -133,6 +133,26 @@ When `core.autocrlf` is set to "input", line endings are
converted to LF upon checkin, but there is no conversion done
upon checkout.
+If `core.safecrlf` is set to "true" or "warn", git verifies if
+the conversion is reversible for the current setting of
+`core.autocrlf`. For "true", git rejects irreversible
+conversions; for "warn", git only prints a warning but accepts
+an irreversible conversion. The safety triggers to prevent such
+a conversion done to the files in the work tree, but there are a
+few exceptions. Even though...
+- "git add" itself does not touch the files in the work tree, the
+ next checkout would, so the safety triggers;
+- "git apply" to update a text file with a patch does touch the files
+ in the work tree, but the operation is about text files and CRLF
+ conversion is about fixing the line ending inconsistencies, so the
+ safety does not trigger;
+- "git diff" itself does not touch the files in the work tree, it is
+ often run to inspect the changes you intend to next "git add". To
+ catch potential problems early, safety triggers.