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@@ -190,6 +190,44 @@ Identifier terminology
Indicates a filename - always relative to the root of
the tree structure GIT_INDEX_FILE describes.
+Symbolic Identifiers
+Any git comand accepting any <object> can also use the following symbolic notation:
+ indicates the head of the repository (ie the contents of `$GIT_DIR/HEAD`)
+ a valid tag 'name'+
+ (ie the contents of `$GIT_DIR/refs/tags/<tag>`)
+ a valid head 'name'+
+ (ie the contents of `$GIT_DIR/refs/heads/<head>`)
+ a valid snapshot 'name'+
+ (ie the contents of `$GIT_DIR/refs/snap/<snap>`)
+File/Directory Structure
+The git-core manipulates the following areas in the directory:
+ .git/ The base (overridden with $GIT_DIR)
+ objects/ The object base (overridden with $GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY)
+ ??/ 'First 2 chars of object' directories
+It can interrogate (but never updates) the following areas:
+ refs/ Directories containing symbolic names for objects
+ (each file contains the hex SHA1 + newline)
+ heads/ Commits which are heads of various sorts
+ tags/ Tags, by the tag name (or some local renaming of it)
+ snap/ ????
+ ... Everything else isn't shared
+ HEAD Symlink to refs/heads/<something>
+Higher level SCMs may provide and manage additional information in the
Each line contains terms used interchangeably
@@ -210,17 +248,52 @@ Environment Variables
Various git commands use the following environment variables:
+The git Repository
+These environment variables apply to 'all' core git commands. Nb: it
+is worth noting that they may be used/overridden by SCMS sitting above
+git so take care if using Cogito etc
+ This environment allows the specification of an alternate
+ cache/index file. If not specified, the default of
+ `$GIT_DIR/index` is used.
+ If the object storage directory is specified via this
+ environment variable then the sha1 directories are created
+ underneath - otherwise the default `$GIT_DIR/objects`
+ directory is used.
+ Due to the immutable nature of git objects, old objects can be
+ archived into shared, read-only directories. This variable
+ specifies a ":" seperated list of git object directories which
+ can be used to search for git objects. New objects will not be
+ written to these directories.
+ If the 'GIT_DIR' environment variable is set then it specifies
+ a path to use instead of `./.git` for the base of the
+ repository.
+git Commits
+ see link:git-commit-tree.html[git-commit-tree]
+git Diffs
+ see the "generating patches" section in :
+ link:git-diff-cache.html[git-diff-cache];
+ link:git-diff-files.html[git-diff-files];
+ link:git-diff-tree.html[git-diff-tree]