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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ git-update-ref - update the object name stored in a ref safely
-'git-update-ref' [-m <reason>] <ref> <newvalue> [<oldvalue>]
+'git-update-ref' [-m <reason>] (-d <ref> <oldvalue> | <ref> <newvalue> [<oldvalue>])
@@ -20,7 +20,9 @@ possibly dereferencing the symbolic refs, after verifying that
the current value of the <ref> matches <oldvalue>.
E.g. `git-update-ref refs/heads/master <newvalue> <oldvalue>`
updates the master branch head to <newvalue> only if its current
-value is <oldvalue>.
+value is <oldvalue>. You can specify 40 "0" or an empty string
+as <oldvalue> to make sure that the ref you are creating does
+not exist.
It also allows a "ref" file to be a symbolic pointer to another
ref file by starting with the four-byte header sequence of
@@ -49,6 +51,10 @@ for reading but not for writing (so we'll never write through a
ref symlink to some other tree, if you have copied a whole
archive by creating a symlink tree).
+With `-d` flag, it deletes the named <ref> after verifying it
+still contains <oldvalue>.
Logging Updates
If config parameter "core.logAllRefUpdates" is true or the file