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@@ -78,7 +78,9 @@ to exist in the superproject. If <path> is not given, the
<repository> is the URL of the new submodule's origin repository.
This may be either an absolute URL, or (if it begins with ./
or ../), the location relative to the superproject's origin
+repository. If the superproject doesn't have an origin configured
+the superproject is its own authoritative upstream and the current
+working directory is used instead.
<path> is the relative location for the cloned submodule to
exist in the superproject. If <path> does not exist, then the
@@ -167,7 +169,9 @@ commit for each submodule.
Synchronizes submodules' remote URL configuration setting
- to the value specified in .gitmodules. This is useful when
+ to the value specified in .gitmodules. It will only affect those
+ submodules which already have an url entry in .git/config (that is the
+ case when they are initialized or freshly added). This is useful when
submodule URLs change upstream and you need to update your local
repositories accordingly.