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@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ SYNOPSIS
'git submodule' [--quiet] init [--] [<path>...]
'git submodule' [--quiet] update [--init] [--] [<path>...]
'git submodule' [--quiet] summary [--summary-limit <n>] [commit] [--] [<path>...]
+'git submodule' [--quiet] foreach <command>
+'git submodule' [--quiet] sync [--] [<path>...]
@@ -123,6 +125,30 @@ summary::
in the submodule between the given super project commit and the
index or working tree (switched by --cached) are shown.
+ Evaluates an arbitrary shell command in each checked out submodule.
+ The command has access to the variables $path and $sha1:
+ $path is the name of the submodule directory relative to the
+ superproject, and $sha1 is the commit as recorded in the superproject.
+ Any submodules defined in the superproject but not checked out are
+ ignored by this command. Unless given --quiet, foreach prints the name
+ of each submodule before evaluating the command.
+ A non-zero return from the command in any submodule causes
+ the processing to terminate. This can be overridden by adding '|| :'
+ to the end of the command.
+As an example, "git submodule foreach 'echo $path `git rev-parse HEAD`' will
+show the path and currently checked out commit for each submodule.
+ Synchronizes submodules' remote URL configuration setting
+ to the value specified in .gitmodules. This is useful when
+ submodule URLs change upstream and you need to update your local
+ repositories accordingly.
+"git submodule sync" synchronizes all submodules while
+"git submodule sync -- A" synchronizes submodule "A" only.