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@@ -32,9 +32,10 @@ OPTIONS
Show the branch and tracking info even in short-format.
- Give the output in a stable, easy-to-parse format for scripts.
- Currently this is identical to --short output, but is guaranteed
- not to change in the future, making it safe for scripts.
+ Give the output in an easy-to-parse format for scripts.
+ This is similar to the short output, but will remain stable
+ across git versions and regardless of user configuration. See
+ below for details.
@@ -86,6 +87,9 @@ made relative to the current directory if you are working in a
subdirectory (this is on purpose, to help cutting and pasting). See
the status.relativePaths config option below.
+Short Format
In the short-format, the status of each path is shown as
@@ -144,7 +148,22 @@ If -b is used the short-format status is preceded by a line
## branchname tracking info
-There is an alternate -z format recommended for machine parsing. In
+Porcelain Format
+The porcelain format is similar to the short format, but is guaranteed
+not to change in a backwards-incompatible way between git versions or
+based on user configuration. This makes it ideal for parsing by scripts.
+The description of the short format above also describes the porcelain
+format, with a few exceptions:
+1. The user's color.status configuration is not respected; color will
+ always be off.
+2. The user's status.relativePaths configuration is not respected; paths
+ shown will always be relative to the repository root.
+There is also an alternate -z format recommended for machine parsing. In
that format, the status field is the same, but some other things
change. First, the '->' is omitted from rename entries and the field
order is reversed (e.g 'from -> to' becomes 'to from'). Second, a NUL