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-v0.99.4, Aug 2005
-git-show-branches-script - Show branches and their commits.
-'git show-branches <reference>...'
-Shows the head commits from the named <reference> (or all refs under
-$GIT_DIR/refs/heads), and displays concise list of commit logs
-to show their relationship semi-visually.
- Name of the reference under $GIT_DIR/refs/heads/.
-Given N <references>, the first N lines are the one-line
-description from their commit message. The branch head that is
-pointed at by $GIT_DIR/HEAD is prefixed with an asterisk '*'
-character while other heads are prefixed with a '!' character.
-Following these N lines, one-line log for each commit is
-displayed, indented N places. If a commit is on the I-th
-branch, the I-th indentation character shows a '+' sign;
-otherwise it shows a space.
-The following example shows three branches, "pu", "master" and
-* [pu] Add cheap local clone '-s' flag to git-clone-script
- ! [master] Documentation updates.
- ! [rc] Merge master into rc
-+ Add cheap local clone '-s' flag to git-clone-script
-+ Alternate object pool mechanism updates.
-+ Audit rev-parse users.
-++ Documentation updates.
- + Merge master into rc
-+++ [PATCH] plug memory leak in diff.c::diff_free_filepair()
-These three branches all forked from a common commit, "[PATCH]
-plug memory leak...", and "rc" has one commit ahead of it. The
-"master" branch has one different commit that is also shared by
-"pu" branch, and "pu" branch has three more commits on top of
-"master" branch.
-Written by Junio C Hamano <>
-Documentation by Junio C Hamano.
-Part of the link:git.html[git] suite