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+v0.99.4, Aug 2005
+git-show-branch - Show branches and their commits.
+'git show-branch [--all] [--heads] [--tags] [--more=<n>] [--merge-base] <reference>...'
+Shows the head commits from the named <reference> (or all refs under
+$GIT_DIR/refs/heads), and displays concise list of commit logs
+to show their relationship semi-visually.
+ Name of the reference under $GIT_DIR/refs/.
+--all --heads --tags::
+ Show all refs under $GIT_DIR/refs, $GIT_DIR/refs/heads,
+ and $GIT_DIR/refs/tags, respectively.
+ Usually the command stops output upon showing the commit
+ that is the common ancestor of all the branches. This
+ flag tells the command to go <n> commits beyond that.
+ Instead of showing the commit list, just act like the
+ 'git-merge-base' command except that it can accept more
+ than two heads.
+Given N <references>, the first N lines are the one-line
+description from their commit message. The branch head that is
+pointed at by $GIT_DIR/HEAD is prefixed with an asterisk '*'
+character while other heads are prefixed with a '!' character.
+Following these N lines, one-line log for each commit is
+displayed, indented N places. If a commit is on the I-th
+branch, the I-th indentation character shows a '+' sign;
+otherwise it shows a space. Each commit shows a short name that
+can be used as an exended SHA1 to name that commit.
+The following example shows three branches, "master", "fixes"
+and "mhf":
+$ git show-branch master fixes mhf
+! [master] Add 'git show-branch'.
+ ! [fixes] Introduce "reset type" flag to "git reset"
+ ! [mhf] Allow "+remote:local" refspec to cause --force when fetching.
+ + [mhf] Allow "+remote:local" refspec to cause --force when fetching.
+ + [mhf~1] Use git-octopus when pulling more than one heads.
+ + [fixes] Introduce "reset type" flag to "git reset"
+ + [mhf~2] "git fetch --force".
+ + [mhf~3] Use .git/remote/origin, not .git/branches/origin.
+ + [mhf~4] Make "git pull" and "git fetch" default to origin
+ + [mhf~5] Infamous 'octopus merge'
+ + [mhf~6] Retire git-parse-remote.
+ + [mhf~7] Multi-head fetch.
+ + [mhf~8] Start adding the $GIT_DIR/remotes/ support.
++++ [master] Add 'git show-branch'.
+These three branches all forked from a common commit, [master],
+whose commit message is "Add 'git show-branch'. "fixes" branch
+adds one commit 'Introduce "reset type"'. "mhf" branch has many
+other commits.
+When only one head is given, the output format changes slightly
+to conserve space. The '+' sign to show which commit is
+reachable from which head and the first N lines to show the list
+of heads being displayed are both meaningless so they are
+omitted. Also the label given to each commit does not repeat
+the name of the branch because it is obvious.
+$ git show-branch --more=4 master
+[master] Add 'git show-branch'.
+[~1] Add a new extended SHA1 syntax <name>~<num>
+[~2] Fix "git-diff-script A B"
+[~3] git-ls-files: generalized pathspecs
+[~4] Make "git-ls-files" work in subdirectories
+Written by Junio C Hamano <>
+Documentation by Junio C Hamano.
+Part of the link:git.html[git] suite